Touring the GC laboratories

February 22rd 2023 | AGas Cromatography (GC) laboratory tour was held by the GC technicians erfagroup, a team of knowledgeable technicians and advisors from the Department of Ecoscience and Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University, Copenhagen University, and Danish Technological Institute. 



Members of the group have extensive experience using the gas chromatography method to analyze greenhouse gases from aquatic and agricultural sources. The group exchanged information on process optimization, best practices, and quality assurance in relation to greenhouse gas analysis while touring three labs (AU ecoscience, AU agroecology, and DTI). Guided tours of other lab facilities at AU and DTI were also part of the program. Asger Schmidt, consultant at DTI also discussed a very efficient experimental design methodology which has huge potential to used in planning of GC optimization experiments. The event helped in establishing a strong cooperation amongst researchers, technicians and consultants working in the area of greenhouse gas measurement and monitoring. Coordination of the erfa group activities is carried out by Drishya Nair, consultant at TI.


Below is a list of members who participated in the event-


Bodil Stensgaard- AU, Agroecology

Tanja Quottrup Egholm- AU, Agroecology

Barbara Thornberg- AU, Agroecology

Drishya Nair-DTI

Kim Lolck Burnæs- DTI

Asger Smidt-Jensen-DTI

Dennis Hansen- AU, ecoscience

Dorte Nedergaard- AU, ecoscience

Jannie Margrethe Jessen- KU