Field Trip to Foulum: Wind tunnel

January 14th 2022 | Members of the Field Emission Network visited the Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture, Aarhus University at their Foulum department. The network was invited to see their wind tunnel set up. 

The Field Emission Network was invited by Postdoc Johanna Pedersen to spend a day discussing best practices within wind tunnel design and emission measuring. Johanna introduced the set up and workflow and it was very interesting to see how others do it.

"The system can be used to measure ammonia and odor emissions after applying manure in the field. With the nine dynamic chambers (wind tunnels) and online measurements, relative differences between, for example, application techniques or slurry treatments can be quantified. The system makes it possible to measure the emissions with a high time resolution and low variation within a treatment, which makes it possible to quantify even small differences between reduction techniques." Johanna Pedersen, Postdoc, Aarhus University. 

Comparing design and set up is a great opportunity to learn from each other and discuss how to avoid possible errors. There are not many who work with field emissions in Denmark, which makes it even more important to collaborate and share knowledge. One of the other network members who work with field emissions, Danish Technological Institute, are also working on a new design.

Technical consultant at DTI, Lasse Madsen gave a short interview on the field trip and why he finds it important to collaborate with others. 


In March, the Danish Technological Institute will invite the network members to visit them and demonstrate their set up. This will be another opportunity to strengthen the collaboration and knowledge sharing.