Theme Meeting: Field Trials and Chamber Design

JANUARY 17 2022

The meeting will focus on field trials and chamber design.

DATE: 17. JANUARY 2022, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

PLACE: Online


The meeting will include presentation of the coming seasons field trials, discussion of aim, treatments and experimental design. There are many things to take into account in field trials with N2O measurements, and it is therefore important to design the trials in a way so the hypothesis is answered with the relevant assessments and analysis.

Different chamber designs and their pros and cons will also be discussed. It is important to consider how different properties of the chambers and collars affect the measurements and thus the final results.

  • SEGES field trial designs and projects, Cecilie Skov Nielsen, Chief consultant, SEGES Innovation
  • Chamber designs and their pros and cons, Postdoc Andreas Brændholt, Copenhagen University
  • Discussion