Theme Day: Measurement of Emissions from Agriculture

MARCH 23 2022

The theme day focuses on new measurement technologies and monitoring methods, which could play an important role in Denmark's fulfillment of the climate goals.

This theme day is hosted by Clean and Danish Technological Institute.

DATE: 23. March 2022, 8:30 AM - 16:00 PM

PLACE: Agro Food Park, 8200 Aarhus N



09:30 AM - Welcome

09:40 AM - The role of agriculture in achieving the climate goals, the Danish Agency for Agriculture

10:00 AM - Innovative measurements of greenhouse gases, Danish Technological Institute

10:30 AM - New knowledge about emissions from livestock manure, Aarhus University

11:00 AM - Company cases w. Space Systems, Explicit, Ambient Carbon


12:15 PM - Measurement of methane from pig and cattle farms, DTU Environment

12:45 PM - Measurement of CO2, methane and greenhouse gases with space satellites, Aarhus University

1:15 PM - Company cases m. Aerial Tools, Carbonspace

Coffee break

2:00 PM - Field Emission Network, Danish Technological Institute

2.15 PM - Panel debate

3.00 PM - Reflection and thanks for today

3.15-4.00 PM - Networking